Break away from the off the rack styles and fits that never truly fit and design your own custom clothing

Every Persona suit is custom made for you. Our Style Consultants are experts in understanding your personal style and translating that into a hand crafted suit that fits you perfectly.

Choose from a huge variety of fabrics in either our Trademark, Signature or Essential Collections and then choose from over 30 customizations to make your suit truly unique

Double Breasted Suit Jacket


Persona Suit Features

Handmade – Each Persona custom suit is almost entirely handmade by Master Tailors ensuring quality throughout the process.

Perfect Fit– All of our suits are made to your specific body measurements, ensuring an advanced fit that enhances any body style.

Unique patterns – Each suit is made according to your unique measurements

Canvassing – All Essential and Signature Collection jackets are made with horsehair canvassing throughout the chest. Commonly known as half-canvas, this lining forms to the body and helps create the structure and drape of the jacket. Our Trademark Collection features full canvassing throughout the jacket, providing additional structure and quality.

Sweat shields – Every jacket comes standard with sewn in sweat shields to help increase the life of your jacket and protect the inner lining.

Heel Guards – An extra portion of fabric is sewn in to the heel of the pant to help provide additional durability


Persona Suit Collections

Trademark Collection

Our Trademark series is for our most discerning clients and yet remains an affordable option for everyday occasions. The addition of full canvassing in the jacket as well as real bullhorn buttons makes every detail, both inside and out, simply perfect.

Included with every Trademark suit is a custom fitting mold to ensure the absolute perfect fit. After your initial consultation we will create a custom mold based on your initial body measurements. While this fitting mold is not made out of your actual fabric selection, it allows you to wear a jacket and provide feedback on the fit and comfort. Once we receive your feedback, the final suit is then created.


Trademark Collection Includes:

  • Luxury Fabrics
  • Full Canvas Construction
  • Hand Stitched
  • Fitting Mold Service
  • Real Bull horn buttons
  • Free Design Consultation


Signature Collection

Our most cost effective collection, Our Signature suits combine high quality and durable fabrics with affordability. Signature suits jackets are half canvassed and include a large selection of Super 150 fabrics. All customizations are included in the Signature Collection and allows each client the opportunity to customize their own unique suit.

Signature Collection Includes:

  • Super 150 Fabrics
  • Half Canvas Construction
  • Hand Stitched Details
  • Acrylic Button Selections
  • Free Design Consultation


Essential Collection

Our Essential Collection is designed as an entry level custom suit. A large selection of Super 120 fabrics and all customizations included, this collection allows almost every budget to experience the feeling of a well fitting suit.

Essential Collection Includes:

  • Super 120 Fabrics
  • Half Canvas Construction
  • Hand Stitched Details
  • Acrylic Button Selections
  • Free Design Consultation



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