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Persona launched officially in January and what better way to swing open the doors than with a makeover contest. We had the concept in our head as we were launching and then we were introduced to the lovely ladies of Bow and Arrow Magazine by one of our new consultants. It’s a local online fashion magazine that also just launched here in the Twin Cities. We were really impressed with their work and when they mentioned that they were interested in reaching more male readership, we knew we could help.

Our goal was to find one lucky guy to receive a complete makeover. We’d provide the custom made suit and Bow and Arrow organized a hair cut as well as a mixology lesson from a local bartender. Many of you probably saw the campaign running on Facebook a few weeks ago. We opened the entries to anyone in the vicinity of the Twin Cities and we watched as the entries came in. We ended up with 18 Mr. Bow and Arrow hopefuls and I have to admit, my favorite part was reading all of their stories as they came in for approval. What a great group of guys. I wish we could have offered them all a makeover!

As the voting commenced, it became clear pretty soon that there was a clear front runner in the group. Two guys really took off but one of them was able to gain a steady lead and then just took over completely in the end. Paul Zheng was soon crowned the winner, and come to find out he works in the Student Affairs department at the University of Minnesota and leveraged his great connection with students to help pull him through. Andy and I met with Paul a few days later and it was so fun to get to know him and walk him through the design process of his new suit. He’s a great guy and I know he’s going to love this suit. I can’t wait for you to see it and to learn more about Paul in the upcoming issue of Bow and Arrow magazine. I think we got Paul hooked on how much fun it can be to design your own custom clothing and I think he’ll be back for more.

I’ve found that people are sometimes afraid of the word “makeover” though. It can have some scary connotations and people tend to fear change in general. What happened with Paul and with our other clients as we meet with them in their consultations is hopefully anything but scary. Our goal is not to make you over into a completely new person that you wouldn’t be comfortable with. Instead, we look to better understand you as a person and ensure that what you are wearing is a reflection of who you are on the inside and how you want to be seen by the world. In Paul’s case, he’s a recent graduate but he’s working on a college campus. He has to balance a delicate line of fitting in with the students he serves while also exuding a level of confidence and professionalism to the other staff he works with. We talked with Paul about ways that he can balance that line and came up with a suit design that could be both formal when needed but also really captured his fun and modern personality.

Is the way you see yourself different than what other people see? Ask a stranger to tell you what kind of person they think you would be based on how you dress. Think you’d be surprised? Take some time to analyze the clothes you wear and make sure they’re saying what you want them to.



Posted on March 5, 2013 in Custom Suit, Makeover

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