The Persona Experience

Infusing Personality with Perfect Fit


The Persona Experience is about so much more than just the creation of a custom piece of clothing. Our whole process is centered around defining your personal style. The initial consultation with a Style Consultant is where it all starts.

Our consultants start by working to understand you. They want to understand what you’re trying to tell the world with your clothing. Or maybe what you’d like to be telling the world. By understanding your goals, it better prepares your consultant to walk you through the design of your own custom clothing.

Your profile is completed by taking a complete set of measurements that will be used when creating the patterns for your clothing.


Now that your consultant understands what makes you tick, they’re prepared to walk you through the design of your clothing.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Looking through fabric samples, choosing the look and feel of the finished garment. Your style consultant is there to help you understand the current trends as well as how and when each specific customization should be applied

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Once designed, your suit is off to our manufacturer to be hand cut and sewn. Your pattern is unique and will only be used for your suit.

Using your custom measurements ensure a fit like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

The details of your custom order are reviewed for accuracy before being sent on to our manufacturing team. Once there it goes through a process that no off the rack suit will ever know. It includes:

  • Each pattern is hand cut from your selected fabric to match your exact measurements that were taken during your initial consultation.
  • Using a combination of hand and machine sewing, your clothing is then carefully constructed by skilled tailors according to the design specifications you and your style consultant created.
  • Following a quality check, your clothing is sent off to our Minneapolis headquarters. We perform a final quality check here ensuring that everything was created to your specifications and finally, your suit is steamed, pressed and ready to wear.


Final Fitting

Your suit has arrived and you’re ready for your final fitting. If any adjustments are needed, your consultant will handle the details. Your suit is guaranteed to fit and we’ll do the work to make sure it does.

Your Measurements are also now available in your personal profile, so ordering your next suit is a breeze.

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