How it Works

Persona offers both In-Person and Virtual consultations to make your suit buying experience as easy and convenient as possible.

In-Person consultations are currently only available in the Minneapolis, MN area

Virtual Consultations

While many sites offer clients the ability to purchase custom clothing online, Persona recognizes the value in a face to face conversation, even when it’s done hundreds of miles apart via video conference.

Our Style Consultants have the expertise to walk you through the design process and help you take accurate measurements to ensure a fantastic fit with your new custom clothing.

Our Virtual Consultations include:

  • Free 1:1 Consultation with an experienced Style Consultant
  • Measurement Profile Assistance. Consultants ensure accurate measurements are taken
  • View and select from dozens of fabrics


After your Consultation is scheduled you’ll receive a welcome packet in the mail that includes a measuring tape you’ll use during the consultation. You’ll need a friend available to help take measurements.

You’ll receive your custom clothing in the mail 4-6 weeks after your consultation. If any small alterations are needed to get to that perfect fit, Persona provides you with a credit of up to $50 and allows you to have your suit adjusted with your local tailor.


In-Person Consultations

The utmost in personalized service, our In-Person consultations provide our clients with an experience that is unlike anything you’ll ever experience in your traditional suit store. Our Style Consultants work with our clients to understand their personal style goals and then translate that into a custom suit or dress shirt.

Style Consultants walk you through each step of the design process, helping you choose fabrics and customizations to create a suit that is as unique as you are.

Your measurement profile is taken by your consultant, ensuring a perfect fit in your final suit.

Approximately 4 weeks after your consultation, your Style Consultant will schedule a final fitting where they will deliver your suit, have you try it on and ensure that it fits correctly. If any adjustments are required, your Style Consultant will take care of everything.




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