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It's never been easier or more affordable to create your own custom suit.


Affordable Custom Suits and Dress Shirts.



We offer both In-person and Virtual Consultations. We work with your schedule and can meet you wherever and whenever it’s most convenient, over lunch at work or over a video conference at night.



The individual features of your suit are what make it truly yours. With over 30 unique customizations, it’s rare that two suits are ever the same.

Guaranteed Fit

Guaranteed Fit

Your custom clothing is guaranteed to fit. Our measurement profile ensures that your suit is tailor made for you. If any adjustments need to be made, relax; we’ll take care of it.



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Simple. No gimmicks and no nickel and diming


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Meet some of our favorite clients

  • I was hoping to have a suit that fit me well, but also to have a suit that doesn’t look like any other suit. I feel like a million bucks in my new suit! I get so many looks when I’m in my Persona suit, I’ve never felt this way in any other piece of clothing in my wardrobe aside from my tuxedo. I liked the ease of the fitting, the custom options and the price point. But, ultimately, I LOVE the way the new suit fits me. It makes me look really, really good.

    — Noah —
  • Very happy with the product. High quality and experience was very personal. The thing I like most about my custom suit and shirt is the fit. My neck and shoulder size always makes it hard to have something that fits but is not too baggy.

    — Josh —
  • My one major preconceived notion was that it was going to be expensive and that it wasn’t going to be TOO much different from the clothing that I can get from general retail stores. I feel awesome and I feel super confident in my new suit!!! Knowing that it fits me the way it’s supposed to and knowing that I look good makes me feel great about myself when I am out in public. I don’t get the same feeling from any of the store bought suits that I have.

    — Paul —

Our Products

Custom Designed Suits, Shirts and Accessories

Dress Shirts

A custom made dress shirt is the perfect way to complete your new suit. Never worn a custom made shirt before? No more puffing out at the waist with all that extra fabric, or baggy sleeves that just never fit right.


No matter what body type, a tailored shirt will flatter and slim. Personalize your shirts to fit your everyday needs by customizing collars, pockets and sleeves.


Custom Suits, Tuxedos and Vests

Infuse your own personal style into a handcrafted suit that’s tailor made exactly for you. If you thought that a custom made suit was too expensive, think again. Persona is redefining the custom suit buying experience!

Choose from a large selection of fabrics and patterns ranging in price from $850 to $1299. Each suit is individually custom made to your precise measurements and specifications.

Whether you’re looking for a classic black suit or a more modern slim fit, our Style Consultants will guide you through our customization options to find the look that’s right for you.

It’s guaranteed to fit and you’ll love the way you look and feel.


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Our unique tie box sets include matching ties, pocket squares, and cuff links. They’re the perfect finishing touch to your new look.


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